The Advantages Of Getting Professional Rug Restoration

Silk rugs are attractive fixtures that have been sought after for many years, and while they're typically associated with the Far East, silk rugs can come from all over the place. They are popular in the United States these days, and this is why you'll find them in both homes and businesses.
But silk rugs don't only have appealing qualities. There are some downsides to silk rug ownership that one should know before they purchase a silk rug, and one is that a silk rug will only stay in good condition for as long as it's maintained. But maintaining good condition is not impossible. All you have to do is get in touch with our silk rug restoration experts. For years, our experts have been trusted and preferred by those who need silk rug and carpet cleaning in Westchester, but these days our rug restoration services are just as popular.


We’ll Make Your Rugs Vibrant With Recoloring

When you need rug recoloring, you should get on the phone with us. We've been doing this restoration work for years. Our rug recoloring experts are meticulous and detailed, and this is why they'll never let rug dye run or allow your rug’s pattern to be messed up in any way. We’ll only improve your rugs—we’ll never make them worse. When you get rug recoloring from us, you'll get vibrant rugs back that are worthy of compliments.

When It’s Time To Get Professional Reweaving

Our team will deliver effective and affordable rug reweaving. This is a restoration service that's often sought by hand-woven rug owners, though silk rugs can benefit from reweaving as well. If your silk rug is starting to unravel, then reweaving is likely necessary. You should get this done sooner rather than later, as the longer a rug is left to unravel, the harder it'll be to get it back into an acceptable condition.

Our Silk Rug Binding Experts Can Help You

Choose our team when you need rug binding. Even delicate rugs like silk rugs can be bound, and we’ll do so using binding tape or a special sewing machine. When we are done with binding, your rug will not only be secure but visually attractive as well. Binding is an affordable service that we can deliver quickly, and once you get this it's likely you won't need it again. Why get a rug replacement when binding can fix your problem?

Don’t Avoid Rug Fringing: We’ll Deliver It

We’ll help you when you need rug fringing. This is probably the most important rug restoration service we deliver. A rug’s fringe is its most important component, and many refer to the fringe as the rug’s backbone. Therefore, when this gets compromised, you need to get a handle on the situation immediately, as the rest of the rug can get destroyed quite quickly. Once we're done with fringing, you'll be able to enjoy your rug again without fear of ruining it.