Don’t Avoid Silk Rug Cleaning: Here’s Why

Silk rugs are attractive fixtures, and this truth explains why they've been sought after for thousands of years. Silk rugs aren’t just visually appealing but soft as well. Nothing on earth can mimic the feel of silk.
But one reality is that silk rugs don't stay in good condition forever, and when a silk rug gets dirty it's best to get this taken care of right away. But you shouldn't pursue DIY rug cleaning, as you'll likely just end up damaging your rug. Also, you shouldn't think that vacuuming is enough to fix the problem. In fact, you should stay away from vacuuming a silk rug, because such isn’t good for these rugs.
Instead, you should make a wise move and get help from our professional cleaners. For years, we’ve been cleaning silk rugs for homeowners and business owners, and these days we are preferred by those who need silk rug and carpet cleaning in Westchester. We only clean with the best technology and cleaning products, and when we are done with rug cleaning your rugs will not only be spotless but sanitary as well.

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How Our Silk Rug Cleaning Process Goes

We’ll follow a simple and straightforward cleaning process to get your silk rugs cleaned. If you want to know more about what we're going to do before we clean your rugs, get a hold of our experts and they'll explain everything. If you have specific cleaning instructions, we’ll follow these to a T to ensure the cleaning process goes just how you want. We understand that silk rugs are delicate fixtures, and that's why we’ll handle them with care throughout the entire cleaning process. Our expertise is one reason why we are sought by silk rug owners in Westchester. To know more about how silk rug cleaning will go, read through the section below:
The first step is assessing the colorfastness of your rug. We’ll do this because preparation is important. We’ll also remove whatever loose fibers, dirt, grit, and debris we can before cleaning, as these particles can be more damaging when they’re wet. Next, we’ll begin gently washing your rug, and we’ll take extra care as we know a wet rug can get damaged easily. We’ll only use cleaning products that your rug can handle, and we’ll refrain from doing any tough scrubbing. Lastly, we’ll let your rug dry out naturally.

We’ll Get Rid Of Tough Pet Stains & Odors

If you have pets at home, then you understand that they can be quite fun and adorable. But you also understand that predicting pet accidents is near impossible, and for this reason you shouldn't get mad at your pet when they have an accident. The only thing you should do is call our team, and this is because we’ll come and make you forget a stain was ever there. We can tackle stains old and new, and we’ll even get rid of the infamous smell of dog. When we are done with rug cleaning, you and your furry friend will be able to enjoy your rugs again.